Criminal Defense


How Do I Know if I Have Court During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

During these COVID-19 times, it is a constant unknown whether we will have to stay at home by order of the Governor or whether we may lose our job as a result of the current world events. Here in Washington, if you have a criminal case, then you may be wondering if you’ll have court or need to appear for

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Criminal Defense Lawyers who Handle ALL Criminal Matters

The Wood Sims Law Firm can represent you for all Misdemeanor and Felony allegations including DUI/DWI, traffic-related misdemeanors, assault cases, domestic violence cases, drug crimes, theft, and property crimes to name a few. Misdemeanor Defense Lawyers Cory Wood and Chris Sims will provide you aggressive and personal protection of your rights. Get the results you deserve with a top-notch misdemeanor

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