The Wood Sims Law Office possesses many years practicing expungement law (record sealing, expunction), in Washington State. The authority to seal or destroy records and vacate convictions is established by the laws enacted by the Washington State Supreme Court. State laws concerning court records and criminal history records changes frequently, so you may wish to seek legal advice. If you are looking to clean up your criminal record through felony or misdemeanor expungement, you should consult an expungement lawyer to determine if sealing or destroying your record or vacating your conviction can help you. Contact the Wood Sims Law Office to review your options with a qualified expungement lawyer.

Typical Requirements for Expungement

  • Five consecutive years without an offense or crime
  • No pending criminal offenses
  • No pending diversion agreement
  • No longer required to register as a sex offender
  • Was not convicted of rape in the first or second degree or of indecent liberties committed with forcible compulsion
  • Person paid restitution to the victim
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